MySpot 500 Private Parking Lock


Internal batteries -- 3 years battery life

Self Contained, ready to install

Low Cost

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MS200 225px h


MySpot 200


No external power

Powered by Car's weight

Rugged, reliable

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MySpot 500 Introduction (65")

The MySpot 500 is our newest remote-contolled parking barrier.  It incorporates all the lessons we learned in 12 years in this tough business.

This video clips demonstrates its most basic features.

MS500 Animation

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"We absolutely love our Myspot 200 Parking barriers! We've installed 2 of the 3 parking barriers thus far and the parents at our school are so thrilled with them. We were having problems with people parking in their private auction parking spaces, and not any longer. With these Myspot barriers, their spaces are blocked for private access yet don't look tacky like many of the ones I researched on the web, they were easy to install and everyone is happy. Thanks again."  A.S., California

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